Reason You Should Consider Physiotherapy as a Treatment for Pain

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When faced with life options, what would you choose?

Most of you would probably say, “Of course, the one that will not shed tears!”

back pain reliefIn an era where convenience always plays a part, people would normally choose the easiest way out. But things are different when you talk about health and well-being. Sometimes, the easiest does not always mean the most effective. This is true when people deal with pain alleviation or commonly called  pain management.

Before you consider any options for pain management, you need to first define what is pain. According to oxford, “It is a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury” and from MedicineNet, “It is an unpleasant sensation that can range from mild, localized discomfort to agony”.

Some would have high tolerance with pain while others can be so sensitive with mild injuries. Whatever degree that you are experiencing, it can be an unbearable condition that drains and weakens not only the person but the whole family.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep it under control.

Pain management is the treatment of both mind and body. It may range from the treatment of chronic, acute, soft tissue and nerve pain or even breakthrough that happens between regular and scheduled painkillers. The list maybe endless as it does not feel the same as everyone. medical supplies near me

You need to clearly describe what you feel to help medical practitioners address it properly and provide the best treatment. Common ways of describing pain is whether it feels stabbing, sharp, burning, dull and numb, when does it occur and where do you feel it.

The most common technique in pain management is through medications. This would involve administration of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen, generally, pain relievers. Other medications are Tylenol, antidepressants and steroids.

However, just like any other drugs, it may lead to side effects like skin reactions and infections or may go as worse as damage issues if intake is too frequent. Another approach is physical therapy also known as physiotherapy.

It is a health technique that helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It is based on the science of movement, suitable for all age groups where therapy will not be drug based and patients will be assisted to be independent after the process. Thus, this eliminates or reduces the side effects resulting from the treatment.

spinal stenosisPhysiotherapy can cure multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s that can come under neurological disorders, stroke and recovery from it, the painful orthopaedic problems like arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems like neck and back pains. These are just few of the health problems that can be alleviated and treated with this non-invasive technique.

Most of all, physiotherapists understand that it is not sufficient to just treat someone like a machine with broken parts. They work with people, from treatment to rehabilitation and bringing them back to their usual functions. Thus, when considering options for pain management, you should look beyond what is easy and comfortable but more so, what can be beneficial to your whole well-being.…

5 Types of Physiotherapy Methods to Consider

Physiotherapy can be a great help to manage some medical conditions that you are experiencing. It has been proven to be very effective in the patients’ full recovery.

While most people think that physiotherapy is only done for people who are suffering from back pain and sports injuries, physiotherapy can also treat other conditions like joint pain, arthritis, pregnancy problems, ergonomic difficulties and even migraines.

Physiotherapy also helps you in improving your overall health conditions, kinesis, and your overall lifestyle as well. Physiotherapy Is also done to speed up your recovery after you undergo a surgery and help ease the symptoms people with certain neurological and cancer problems experience.

Physiotherapy indeed brings several health benefits. Know more about some common physiotherapy methods and the benefits it brings to your body.

1.  Muscular-Skeletal Physiotherapy

It is also known as orthopedic physiotherapy. This kind of physiotherapy aims to restore the function of your muscular-skeletal system, which is made up of your muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Chronic pain such as lower back and leg pains can be caused by a misaligned musculoskeletal system. The said physiotherapy can help you improve your health by reducing the pain, increase your movement abilities, treat damage to your tissues, joints and ligaments, and realign your skeletal system.

2.   Geriatric Physiotherapy

Your movement abilities are decreased when you reach an old age. Conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and imbalance can affect the overall movement of someone old. That is why geriatric physiotherapy is there to improve the movement of senior citizens.

By doing geriatric physiotherapy, your health could improve by restoring your movement abilities that have been lost due to old age, reduce the pain especially when you are moving and improve your overall physical health and fitness.

3.   Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy aims to improve the overall quality of living of infants, preschoolers, children and even teens that experience some physical, skeletal, neuromuscular and other kinds of disorders.

Early detection of their condition is the key in giving them the most normal life as possible. By doing pediatric physiotherapy, they will now have decreased pain, improved motor skills, increased strength, balance, and endurance, and be more agile and quick to process information.

4.   Sports Physiotherapy

bone ailment Sports physiotherapy deals with athletes regardless of age that are constantly doing strenuous activities, as they are prone to musculoskeletal injuries and other health problems.

With sports physiotherapy, assessment and diagnosis, treatment and techniques that speed up healing, rehabilitation and injury management, prevention and injury education will be done to for you to continue your life even if you have experienced a sport injury.

Whenever you feel your body is ready to hit the track and field or workout platform, you may use, under your physio guidance, professionally designed and formulated sports and bone supplementation to help gain more traction.

Caveat: As advised above, follow expert leads and do not consider over hyped bodybuilding or lean mass or cutting fat brands claiming to be legal but could be dbol reviews in disguise.

5.   Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

This kind of physiotherapy is very helpful for people that are suffering from conditions in the heart, chest and lungs. Your overall cardiorespiratory health will improve by breathing exercises and techniques, cough management, optimum lung expansion, and cardiorespiratory health rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy indeed is very beneficial to kids and old people alike. If you know someone who can surely benefit from it, then try recommending them to do physiotherapy.…

4 Things to Look Out for When Purchasing Laboratory Furniture

Purchasing a good quality laboratory furniture is important. Because it is your investment. Not just that, it is also the bread and butter of every clinics, and hospitals. Looking for a laboratory furniture is important because it will serve as the first face of your area.

medical bedIn buying those furniture, there are four factors that needs to consider. Since, it will be your investment you don’t want to waste your money to the laboratory furniture that is not worthy of your money. It must be concrete and reliable. Must have good quality.

That is why, we take a look for those factors that will help you choose the right and quality furniture. It’s not just about the brand but it was the quality. Here are the comprehensive tips on how you will choose the best among the rest.

First thing that we need to consider in purchasing the laboratory furniture is the SPACE. Yes, space because it is the most critical aspect in purchasing. You must need to know the exact space of the area. Make that you can still move freely and gracefully though you have your furniture with you.

Second, the budget. When you are purchasing it must be a budget friendly. If there are furniture that is lower that your expected price, and quality is great it must be consider as well. What is bad in cheap furniture; but no one can tell that it is cheaper. Think twice about the price.

Third, the quality. We always heard about quantity vs quality. If you are to choose what will you choose? We need to consider the quality; we do not want to buy repeatedly for the whole year nor month. That is why we need to consider the quality. How it was made and how it will look like on your clinics, offices and hospitals.

medication shelfLastly, the wants and needs. Before you purchase, make sure that it is your need not just you want. If you tend to see that the existing one is still good, you must consider it. Like for example you are going to buy swivel chair, since on the longer hours that you are staying there it will sound as good investment.

Tips nor guidelines might help you think and choose the right for you. Most especially what suits for your needs? You don’t want to waste your money because that will be your investment.…

4 Tips to Select the Right Medical Insurance

With the rise of certain diseases and viruses, plus the uncertainty of life itself, getting a medical insurance can surely help you in your finances in times of emergencies.private health insurance australia However, paying for medical insurance can be a struggle to everybody, mainly because it is very expensive.

Not only the cost makes medical insurances difficult to get as some doesn’t have any idea about the options they can choose.

If your employer doesn’t offer you any medical insurance or you are choosing to get one for yourself, then these tips will help you select the right medical insurance for you.

Choose the right type of medical insurance

There are 3 most popular types of medical insurances, and they can be very confusing because of their acronyms. Selecting the best medical insurance plan can be very difficult, and that is why you need to understand each one of them.

  1. HMO – or health maintenance organization. Choosing HMO will require you to pick your primary physician and have referrals for more specialist choices. You have to pre-pick your service providers except when in an emergency situation.
  2. PPO – or preferred provider organization. You don’t have to choose a primary physicians and referrals as you can go pay any doctor a visit as long as they are connected to your insurance network. You can also go to doctors that are not connected to your insurance network, but you have to pay on your own.
  3. HDHP – or high deductible health plan. Premiums are much lower than the usual plans, but they require a high deductible. It means you need to first pay a big sum of money for your insurance to take place and be able to cover a year’s worth of medical costs.

Choosing the coverage of your insurance

There are 4 options you can choose, and each of them differ on costs and the coverage.

  1. Platinum plans can cover up to 90% of your total health care bill, but they also require you to pay the highest premiums.
  2. Gold plans cover up to 80% of your total health care bill.
  3. Silver plans cover up to 70% of your total health care bill.
  4. Bronze plans cover up to 60% of your total health care bill. It is also the cheaper among the other types.

Choosing the right plan

When choosing a medical insurance plan, you need to ask yourself some questions to help you pick the right one.

  • How much medical care costs have you spent before, and how much can you spend in the future by estimate?
  • Do you have to keep your current doctor?
  • Are you okay in paying a high premium or do you prefer depositing money into your health savings account?

Consider your subsidies

Some tax breaks can help you in lessening the cost of your health care insurance, provided that you have household income within the norms. People that are qualified for the tax credit can use a part or whole of it to lessen the cost of your premiums.

Medical insurance is already a need in this generation. After all, you just need to keep yourself healthy to avoid paying costly medical bills. Everyone can be struck with inevitable diseases and conditions, and this is where your medical insurance can be a great help to you and your family.


The Benefits of Electronic Health Record Software?

Today’s generation is now being run by digital technology. Portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and other internet-capable devices has surely changed the way we live and communicate. Almost every industry in the world is now being run by technology, including medicine.lower back pain treatment

Technology’s contribution to the medicine industry is the electronic health record (EHR) software, wherein health care can now be accessed in a faster and more seamless way. Through the years, electronic health records software has already changed the way healthcare and medical needs are delivered to the patients.

More and more hospitals and medical care centers are shifting to electronic health records systems. How can the latest software be helpful to the medicine industry?

  • More Efficient Delivery of Healthcare

With the use of EHR software, healthcare providers can now provide a more efficient care and service to their patients. Electronic health records contain all of the information they need related to the overall condition of the patient – from his list of allergies, and the reactions he exhibits when taking a certain kind of medicine.

  • Better Patient Tracking and Progress Checking

Electronic health records allow doctors and other medical practitioners to check on the progress of the patient, their status and the rate of their recovery. The patient’s weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other lab results can be synchronized to their electronic health record instantly, with accuracy of up to the last decimal. This is to avoid miscalculations and human errors.

  • Easier Order Delivery

If a patient has two or more doctors, they can easily collaborate with one another to speed up your recovery. A physician can also send your records easily especially if you need to transfer hospitals or even send your prescription remotely to your preferred pharmacy.

Electronic Health Records truly modernizes the way healthcare providers serve their patients and customers. Embrace the power of technology now and switch to a good EHR system.


How to Purchase Medical and Health Equipment Online

medical supplies near me

In this technology laden generation, more and more people are now looking at the internet first before a physical store to shop for their needs. Well, you really can’t blame them as shopping online really gives the utmost speed, convenience, variety and comfort-ability as you can do your shopping tasks at the comfort of your home.

medical supply store Almost everything is sold on the internet now: from clothing, appliances, gadgets, home decors, and now even food and groceries. And of course, purchasing medical and health equipment can now be also made online. So, the question is: how to purchase medical and health equipment online?

Well, the process of buying medical and health equipment online is a pretty straightforward one and it involves a usual process when buying other stuff online. Firstly, you log into the online shop where you want to buy. Then, you may want to browse through their expansive collection of medical equipment.

Make sure that the specifications and what you need comes with the equipment you want to buy. Also, make sure that the online seller offers a very generous and reasonable warranty conditions. You haven’t physically checked the item so if something wrong happens, you can send it back to the seller.

After choosing the right item/s, you may want to place them into your virtual cart and get ready for checkout. There are plenty of payment options for you to choose. A lot offers payment using your Visa or Mastercard powered credit or debit card, or via PayPal. But some sellers also offer a Cash on Delivery option wherein you only get to pay for your goods directly to the deliverer in cash after you have made sure that you received the item in its best condition.

This way, you avoid scams and other fraudulent activities. When choosing to pay using a credit or debit card, make sure that the connection between you and the seller is secured. To know if the connection is secured, you should see a “HTTPS” before the website.

After settling with your preferred payment option, you just have to enter the address where you wanted it to be shipped and who gets to receive it. The seller may add some fees to the shipping. When you’re done, you’ll just be informed that your order is now complete and you’ll get the estimated date to when your order will arrive.…

3 Major Health and Medical Insurance Plan

What is health and medical insurance plan? What benefits can you get in getting these insurance? Was that helpful and beneficial to us? Those are the questions that we commonly as when we heard of insurance. You may think that your money will just turn into waste. Benefit of health insuranceHave you ever thought of getting insurance as well? Let us find out!

Brief history about the medical insurance, in the late 1920s , hospitals begun to offer of what they call “pre-paid basis”. Moreover, later it was being develop by the Blue Cross organization. Predecessor of today’s Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs originated last 1929 continues to 1930s and during the World War II.

Now, we all have the idea when it was started. We can now say that was legal and has been part of the medical history already. Still there are questions that you have in mind, how will it help you? What benefits will you get and will it be helpful?

Health and medical insurance is important nowadays. It was one of the most beneficial if you are going to the hospitals. Having medical insurance is what we called nowadays a financial protection for medical needs. Insurance includes medical doctors, hospital as well as for the laboratory needed. Have you already covered yourself with medical insurance plan? Quick suggestion if not, you must secure now!medical isurance policy

An experienced of having health and medical insurance is that you will be able to cover all your medical events. However, yes, you might going to ask. Why to dream of getting it? Is it a sign that you will became sickly? On the other hand, you may say, that was just for the people who barely needed medical care all the time. That is a big NO! As they say, prevention is better that cure.

Being prepared is better than preventing, especially if it cost you and hamper your cash flow. In fact, having medical insurance plan help you to avoid being bankrupt. In addition, it will provide you financial importance and big advantages of having medical insurance coverage.

Is health and medical insurance only for the person who is ill? What if you are pregnant or child, will you be getting the same benefits? Of course, you will enjoy those benefits. As for example you are pregnant and connected to that is ultrasound. That covers it.

When you are one of the pregnant mom out there and you are somewhat excited to see how will your child look like? You will for sure wanted to have the best ultrasound and if you have medical insurance plan it will covers it. You will be having a sight of how will you child look like.

Not just for pregnant, if there are needed to have laboratory needs for diagnosis, having plan will help you hinder the hesitant of not getting to know your health status. As saying goes by, “Health is wealth”. That is why we need to invest and have a good health. Taking good care of our body is not just an option but that is what we called “lifestyle”.adult health insurance

Accident happen and we know that. That is why we need a medical partner. Yes, still there will be pros and cons about insurance. Nevertheless, having medical insurance means more than just avoiding the flow of your cash. Medical health insurance is a sign of being prepared and alertness when accident happens.

It will allow you to have peace of mind about you and your love ones. As what Thomas Fuller once said, “Health is not valued till sickness comes”. You are the one who can take action, what should you do now? It’s for you to decide.


Philosophy And Medicine: The Intersecting Thought Of Health


A definition of health always ends up depending on its opposite, the disease, because only the condition exists as an event, while health, said Gadamer, "is dumb and elusive" and "lurking in a hidden place."


It is about one's own negation that health finds its meaning, in the same way, that the idea of peace is the late son of war, the concept of rest the daughter of fatigue and the notion of leisure a distant


descendant of painful toil. The emergence of positivities is most often at odds with the corresponding negativities. Health is thus "outside the field of knowledge," according to the so exciting and just word

of Canguilhem: it is a hollow concept, at the intersection of philosophy and medicine, sometimes united and sometimes separated in the contemplation of this distant object.Iatros Sophos isotheos, "doctor-philosopher, therefore, equal to a god": it is in these terms that Aristotle spoke of the "great Hippocrates," emphasizing the unity of medicine and philosophy in ancient Greece.

Longtime provinces of the same territory, they were then closer than sisters, since born not only together but in a certain way one of the other,

many doctors being philosophers and many philosophers being doctors, like the unclassifiable Empedocles. Despite this kinship or because of it,

medical supplies near me

they quickly become formidable rivals: the philosophers then feel like a danger the development of a medicine that would better than philosophy to the knowledge of man

and doctors are wary of encroachments philosophers and their infinite desire for theory. Medicine gives an example, rare at this time, of an art ( techne ) both specialized, endowed with deontology, the Hippocratic Oath, and lending itself to the analysis of the relations between practice and knowledge.


Plato borrows the arête, quality of the body (strength, agility) which he makes the virtue, as well as the adios, the "picture of illness," which becomes the idea. He seeks among doctors a reference for the delimitation of the authentic and the usurped and the definition of competence, to transpose it to the art of governing the city.

It is also in medical writings that Aristotle discovers the notion of a middle ground that will become so important in his morals. In the opposite direction, the philosophy brings to medicine an innovative methodology and a system of categories allowing to describe and analyze the nature, the experiment, the cause, the change, the error, the fault, happy life, whose healthy life - health - is one of the modalities.

It is around this thought of health that will now intersect medicine and philosophy.When philosophers attempt, in the cities, to have the upper hand on the rational discourse, the doctors will be their only competitors, also appearing, although differently, as masters of life.

The medical discussion of the West will be constituted, at the end of these family quarrels through the emancipation of medicine in relation to philosophy:  father of medicine, Hippocrates [i] is, therefore, a double title as an inventor of the medical

gesture and as a hero of the rupture by which the two forms of rationality corresponding to the pursuit of the two vital ends for man, namely health, are established by freeing one another. And wisdom.

This fundamental separation has the effect of cutting the search for health, reserved for the medical profession, from that of knowledge, the object of philosophy. In reality, the links will remain and sometimes even tighten. Thus, the questioning of health, the search for a preparation of the sage and everyone for disease, suffering and death, and finally the vigilance with regard to the ethical and epistemological validity of the practice and medical thought are all themes on which was built, over time, a whole philosophy of health, from Plato to the Stoics, then Montaigne, Descartes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Kant, Nietzsche, finally to Bergson, Alain, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Ricœur, Foucault [ii], to recite nobody else but them.

What is called health in the more recent sense of the set of skills and actions, as in health personnel, is a set of concepts that refer to as many chapters of philosophy: knowledge and truth, theory and practice, responsibility and law, value and norm, otherness and relationship, etc.

The link between the two disciplines has been reinforced by ethical questioning, which always refers to a philosophy of the world.It is not a code that must decide, but the conscience of those who, possessing art, deliberate from principles:

medical ethics is the philosophical practice of those who care.The world of care then becomes for philosophy an inexhaustible source of references and the opportunity for a hard test of the concepts.

 With its fascinating diversity, it offers the philosopher access to a universe where there is an ontological weight particular, because the wait, the anguish, the pain, the hope, the accompaniment, the intimacy, to quote only these few aspects, do not refer to a neutral division of the reality but a stable density of existence. This is why the philosopher has so much interest in the facts of the healing world and the hospital, philosophical object if any, and this is what qualifies the caregiver to philosophize: for those who live every day under the reign of scientific expertise, philosophy is a counterweight very quickly felt as indispensable and an irreplaceable help for their quest for intelligibility.

The Affinity Between Philosophy And Medicine In Maimonides

The close connection between philosophy and medicine is evident and demonstrable among thinkers in Islamic countries. The Latin philosophers, on the other hand, did not continue in this tradition; probably because of a different evaluation of the body and its functions.

Medicine and philosophy are sisters; one delivers the soul of passions, the other removes diseases from the body. Hippocrates (1994). Medical art. Translation by Emile Littre, texts presented, commented and annotated by Danielle Gourevitch, introduction by Danielle Gourevitch, Mirko Grmek and Pierre Pellegrino. The paperback, Paris, p. 15. This is an apocryphal thing that Democritus is supposed to have written to Hippocrates.

“I claim that whoever wants to deal exactly with the regime of man must first know and discern the nature of man in general: know his basic constituents and discern the elements that predominate.  “Hippocrates (1994), p. 2.

“It is precisely he who discovered the theory of proportions and the existence of a structure of the forms of the universe. Proclus 6a, in the Presocratics (1988). Library of the Pleiade, Gallimard, Paris, p. 56.

“According to Alcmeon, it is the equilibrium of powers, such as wet and dry, cold and warm, bitterness and sweetness, etc., which produces and preserves good health; it is, on the contrary, the predominance of one of them which causes the disease, and when two of these powers predominate, death follows. Aetius B4, ibid. , p. 226.

“The elements – the sun and the earth and the sky and the sea – are closely linked. Simplifies B22. “First know the fourfold root of all things: Zeus with the luminous fires, her mother of life, and then Aidoneus, Nestis finally, to the tears of which the mortals drink. Aetius and Sextus Empiricus B6. “For all [the elements] are equal. Simplifies 28 B17, ibid. , p. 380

Aristotle (1966). Generation and corruption. Text prepared and translated by Charles Mugler. The Beautiful Letters, Guillaume Bude Association, Paris, II 2, 329b, l. 18-19.

Faculty Of Medicine And Community Health

The Faculty of Medicine is a young faculty created since 1991. It operates in a building erected not far from Panzi Hill and close to the Panzi Reference General Hospital, which is a clinical internship and practical work for students. She graduated her first 1998 winners; they numbered 5. She now has more than 1200 medcine

Currently, she graduates an average of 83 doctors a year since its creation, to date, she has already graduated more than 382 general practitioners who, for the most part are directly in the service of the Congolese nation, others in the countries some of the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi, …), others are continuing their training as specialists in Medicine in African Universities especially (Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, University of Benin and Ivory Coast).