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How to stop overpaying loans

The greater the debt load of citizens, the greater the concern for those who did not cope with loan payments and became bankrupt. Having allowed the first delay in front of the bank, the borrower becomes on a dangerous path, which ends in credit slavery and a complete loss of funds, property, nerves. In order […]

10 frequent mistakes when refinancing a loan

Even 5-6 years ago, when applying for a mortgage loan, it was considered lucky to receive a mortgage rate of 11-12% per annum, and the rise in housing prices blocked part of the overpayments, which made it possible to consider the loan purchase a profitable investment. The fall in housing prices and lower lending rates […]

Take out a loan only in a proven MFI

If you urgently need money, and the bank refused a loan, you can always contact a microfinance organization for help. Today there are quite a lot of similar offers on the lending market. Do not underestimate the MFI, but always remember: take a loan only in proven companies. As many already know, the microcredit market […]

What is loan debt restructuring: simple words

Lending is an opportunity to receive funds that the borrower does not currently have. But one way or another, the debt must be gradually returned. No one is insured against unforeseen circumstances that contribute to the reduction of solvency: reduction at work, deterioration of health, additional expenses in the family budget. And if there is […]

Secured Payday loan with no margin, can I do it?

When one arrives at a certain age, many loans end up being made – all working on a certain margin. However, sometimes the limit is compromised and it is necessary to make a consignment loan without margin. After all, the payday loan works with installments of less than 35% of the amount received per month […]